• 10, April, 2016

Retro Wednesdays - When Disney Games Were Great

Another week goes by and wouldn’t you know it, it’s time for another episode of Retro Wednesdays! – a weekly show where the crew at The Game Inquirer sit down and take a look at older games that have left a lasting impression whether it be a good one or a bad one. Every week two of the crew members each pick a game to play and discuss.

This week Ryan, Dan, Carl and Lily rummage through their PS1 titles once more and take a look at Crash Team Racing and Mickey’s Wild Adventure.

While the gang tried out Mario Kart in the first episode of the show, Lily claims her heart belongs with Naughty Dog’s Crash Team Racing. Why? Well apart from saying she’s better at the game than Mario’s racer she also explains: “Crash Team Racing was hugely addictive. Taking the simple yet fun formula of the plumber’s karting series, Crash Team Racing offered plenty of cute characters, (at the time) stunning tracks and a story mode. That’s right, just like Diddy Kong Racing, Crash Team Racing featured a story mode complete with hub area and boss races.”

Ryan may have been new to the game but even he seemed to be having fun, sliding to victory and managing to win his very first race. “It may not be Mario Kart, but there’s definitely still fun to be had here,” he claims.

It’s no secret that both Daniel and Ryan are big Disney fans having visited the Disney theme parks a combined total of… well let’s just say it’s a lot. So of course it was only a matter of time before one of them brought along a Disney game to check out with the group. Where better to start than with the mouse himself?

Ryan explains his choice: “There was a fantastic time back in the days of the PS1, SNES and Mega Drive where Disney games signified the peak of platforming perfection. From Ducktales to Aladdin and Lion King to Mickey, classic after classic kept appearing on consoles. Nowadays a Disney release isn’t the big event it once was which is sad in a way especially looking back on what once was. There is hope however with remakes of Ducktales and Mickey on the way this summer.”

Dan continues: “Mickey’s Wild Adventure took six of the mascot’s most famous cartoons and turned them into platforming heaven. Kicking off with the awesome black and white Steamboat Willie where the colour would gradually transition into the environment; things would only get better from there taking the mouse to the castle of the Mad Doctor, up a giant beanstalk and right into the Prince and the Pauper cartoon. The game has huge amounts of charm and I can only hope Disney are planning more remakes of their classics in the near future.”

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