• 15, March, 2016

Exploring The Worlds Of Vivian Clark

Vivian Clark is an indie game that is as crazy as it is brilliant. There is no main character in Vivian Clark but rather a whole bunch of them. The game uses basic controls; space bar to interact with things, arrow keys to move your current character around the world - this makes it more accessible to a wider range of people. Once you touch or interact with an object, you either become that object or enter in to its ‘world’, depending on what it is. Before these transformations, you always begin the game as a raindrop. As an example, landing on a bird will turn you into that bird and so on with each world housing its own achievement or goal. If you fail the objective, you end up at a place called ‘The Campfire’. Here you are given two options; you can either walk into the fire, evaporate, and go sizzling back up in to the sky or you can enter ‘The Watch’. One of the game’s more charming features is how, as you are a raindrop, the campfire gets lower each time you use it.

You have three watches in total. When you enter a watch, you are faced with another challenge, if you complete that challenge you are transported to where you were before. If you fail, you end back up at the campfire.

The Art style is hand-drawn, creating an experience vibrant and colourful and unlike anything I’ve played before. The game has a real sense of visual depth, thanks to the artist’s placing of foreground and background images. The music is where this game really shines and they have clearly thought about each effect noise in detail.

The creators behind it have a vision, instead of just buying the game playing in a static world, you can pay to submit your own ideas. The beauty of this is that you are part of the inspiration and, more importantly, are behind the worlds they create.  They have forty worlds at present and it looks as though they are looking to create another 55 more.

You as the player can submit a sentence and the developers can create a world based on that sentence. You can submit on their website. For 15 dollars or more, the sentence you added and your name appears on the screen when pausing the game. I think this gives good incentive to those who would not be used to playing an indie title or for the casual gamer who would simply enjoy something a little different.

The Kickstarter Project I’m sad to see did not reach it’s goal, I have every faith that the team will succeed and I will certainly buying myself a copy and supporting them that way if I can and I think people should definitely go check it out on Google Play. It made me chuckle and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

Editors note: we will be paying to add an idea to Vivian Clark if you would like to make any suggestions please tweet us @thegameinquirer.