• 9, May, 2015

What Are The Most Realistic Video Games?


Video game realism in the 21st century is about more than just the graphics. While we can all boast about our high definition televisions and crystal clear on-screen images, what really makes a game realistic is making it akin to our everyday lives, taking the mundane and turning that into something exciting and playable.

Whether it’s sports, violence or even playing in a casino, modern day video games can be very realistic. To really immerse yourself in the gaming experience, here’s our comprehensive list of some of the most realistic games out there.


Call of Duty Series

There’s no doubt about it, one of the biggest selling game franchises of all time has to have done so well thanks to its realism. The Call of Duty series has improved year on year on a visual scale, but thanks to its first person shooting mode, truly puts the player into the shoes of the soldier and serves to visualise the true horrors of war. With enemies coming at you from every angle, plus outstanding sound effects and lightning speeds, the Call of Duty series have managed to perfect the modern day war zone.


Poker Night 2

It may not exactly be Avatar in the graphics department, but Poker Night 2 managed to re-create the tension of a classic game of poker live on screen, whilst adding its own sense of humour. Published by Telltale Games in 2013, Poker Night 2 pitches the player up against a whole roster of characters, some of whom have appeared in other famous modern day video games such as Borderlands. Indeed, the game has gone on to inspire some online casinos at JackpotCityCasino, but it truly took its own inspiration from real life.


Madden 15

This popular NFL game classic attracted much controversy when it first came out in August of this year. It was soon revealed by fans that certain playing modes could enable one of the team’s players to play as one eighth of the size of the rest of the players. Rather than be embarrassed by the glitch, developers at EA took it with a pinch of salt and offered fans the chance to play with the ‘Tiny Titan.’ Obviously, this does not scream realism, but other aspects of the game were in fact very true to life, with improved game play, allowing players to focus on both offense and defense, plus the chance to analyse sporting performance throughout the league.