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Wii Party U Review

04 Nov Posted by in Reviews, Wii | Comments

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The three on one games offer the lone player use of the Wii U GamePad usually giving them an advantage of some sort thanks to the extra screen. Setting traps, hiding gems and keeping away whilst invisible is all the more fun thanks to the GamePad’s extra screen. It’s just a shame that these games don’t appear more often in the main modes.

Of course if you want to just get stuck into the mini games with any of the in between dice rolling then Wii Party U has you covered there too. Whether it’s a simple first to three wins, tournament or co-operative there’s plenty to enjoy here.

House Party offers eight games that attempt to use the Wii GamePad in interesting ways. Sadly most feel like nothing more than small uninteresting distractions as we grew tired with them after an attempt or two. The exceptions though include Button Smashers, an almost a mini-Twister where players try to press multiple buttons across several controls. Name That Face can be also fun with the right people as one player must make a face based on the instructions they’re given with the others guessing what it could be from four options. They’re dumb but good fun.

GamePad Party houses a number of games that take place primarily on the Wii U GamePad for up to two players. These offer a surprising amount of depth and can become quite addictive at times. Tabletop Foosball, Baseball and Gauntlet being key standouts, are simple enough to grasp but when playing with a friend have true replay value. I wouldn’t object if Nintendo released games like this for the eShop in the future for a small price.

Gamers will be disappointed to hear online play isn’t an option. Instead interaction with others around the globe is restricted to an average global rating for each mini game based on user submissions – it’s a neat idea that almost acts as a guide for newcomers showing off what gamers out there are enjoying most.

Wii Party U is a clean, crisp looking game that sadly lacks any real personality. The Mii’s for me at least have more than outstayed their welcome offering little in the way of charm or character. Whereas the Mario Party series offer nice nods to the franchise, here everything just feels a little lifeless and bland. The same can be said for the music too which lacks any sort of personality too.

It may sound obvious but Wii Party U isn’t much fun on your own and as the name suggests needs a group of people to really come alive. While it may not be the deepest or most investing of games on the console, the interesting use of the GamePad’s features and sheer wealth of multiplayer options give just enough reason to dust off your old remotes and gather your mates one more time.

Final Summary
Crisp and full of colour but lacking the charm of Mario’s shindigs.
Standard stuff in terms of music. Forgettable.
Nice assortment of mini games with a few new ideas.
A decent party game that’s only worth your time if you have your friends over.

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