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Who Had The Better Debut? PS4 Or Xbox One?

03 Jun Posted by + in Features | 5 comments

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So now we’ve had a look at Sony’s debut event, let’s take a look at how Microsoft revealed the Xbox One to the world last month.


Microsoft’s Xbox One Unveil


What stood out for you?

Gwen says: “The voice commands and gesture controls provided by the Kinect 2.0, that can be used to navigate the menus on the dashboard, look really responsive and logical. The controller looked really nice to handle and I can’t wait to go hands on with it myself. Also amongst all the so-so content announced, the Xbox Live exclusive, Steven Speilberg directed, Halo TV series did seem interesting.”

Ryan says: “Call of Duty dog obviously! Seriously though, as an unveiling for the system it’s tough to pick out anything that truly stood out for me. Yeah the Kinect 2.0 seems to be more accurate and the idea of seamlessly switching between game, TV, live chat and so on is neat, but these aren’t exactly features I’ve been screaming out for. Remedy’s new title is clouded in mystery right now but I’m eager to see what the Alan Wake developers have up their sleeve come E3.”


What went wrong?

Gwen says: “At the Xbox reveal, games seemed be on the back burner. You could argue that is what E3 next week will be focused on, but I still feel like they didn’t show enough especially at the first official debut of a new console. Also, Microsoft didn’t mention anything about used games. It annoyed me and it’s a disappointment that the games you’ve downloaded on your Xbox 360 will not carry over on the services provided on Xbox One.”

Ryan says: “I understand that Microsoft wanted to get all the boring TV, entertainment stuff out of the way before E3. That’s fair enough. However if you’re going to debut your system to the world, at least make a better effort of showing off your games. It is a games console after all. Without a single playable demo on show it left many gamers skeptical about how these games will look in the final product.


Are you happy with the direction Microsoft are taking?

Gwen says: “The direction that Microsoft are taking the games is leading to more realism, defined by better graphics and better physics. However, for me these things don’t automatically equal better games. Microsoft also want the Xbox One to be a hub for all your entertainment needs and to be the center of your living room. This interests me less than games. There was a lot of American content on show like The Price is Right etc… so it was hard to tell what will be available globally. They also want to make a relationship with you/your telly/your data, which kind of freaks me out. How much and what data is collected by the Kinect 2.0?”

Ryan says: “I’m not unhappy, but then again I’m not overly excited either. Considering I don’t watch much live TV now and any view on demand services I can use on my laptop, Wii U or pretty much anything else, it begs the question do I really need another device that will do all these things? Not really. I’ll reserve judgement for E3 though.

Microsoft’s Final Score
Gwen’s Verdict
Lacking in killer moments, this debut was disappointing.
Ryan’s Verdict
Boring, uneventful and lacking big title debuts.

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  1. Emmodrevdog06-04-13

    Too bad for you guys MS will win the next gen by speaking towards a much, much broader audience than the small group of core gamers. The mainstream media loved it and there were only around 15 gaming journalists at the event, the rest was all mainstream media. Xbox One preorders are already very healthy and surpassing PS4 in certain regions.
    For gamers, the Xbox One intro might have sucked, but owners of the Xbox 360 already knew that Xbox is more than games and encompasses music an video as well and it will also incorporate TV next gen. It will be the ultimate entertainment brand and will succeed where Sony failed miserably because MS has the cash to make the proper deals with content providers.
    The games will be at E3!

    • ih8ppl_likeu06-04-13

      Here is a Xbox fanboy…

      • Ricky06-04-13

        Always better than an N4G PauperStation fan.

        • George06-05-13

          Anything is better than a fanboy

    • Mike06-05-13

      Umm, Me ad my friends have Xbox 360s and so far, we are not impressed with the Xbox One. Why the hell would we shell out more money for these extra features when we can get it from the internet for free and plus, we don’t even know what TV channels that will be on the Xbox one. Personally, I like my NBA, NFL and NHL league passes with starz and hbo for free (i get deals)

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