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Who Had The Better Debut? PS4 Or Xbox One?

03 Jun Posted by + in Features | 5 comments

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E3 is mere days away and with Sony and Microsoft both set to unleash a wave of new information on their respective consoles, the excitement couldn’t be higher. However let’s take a step back for one moment and look to the unveiling of each console. Did it leave a good first impression? Did Sony and Microsoft get their message across successfully to gamers worldwide about the future of their systems? Myself being more a Nintendo and Microsoft fan and Gwen a Sony one, we decided to voice our opinions on what rocked and what well… sucked about each debut. Here’s our verdicts…



Sony’s PS4 Unveiling


What stood out for you?

Gwen says: “Sony is backing independent games. The fact they listened to developers and gamers to try and get the most out of a new console release is definitely encouraging too. Blizzard also making a console reappearance on the PS4 with Diablo 3 was also a highpoint for the event. The idea of the PS Vita picking up your PS4 games wherever you are is a great idea. Everything, everywhere!”

Ryan says: “The first thing that springs to mind for me was Sony’s emphasis on interacting with others. The “share” button on the control itself should make recording your gaming highlights a piece of cake. While we all expect games on the system to see a visual boost, I’m more interested in the unique features the PS4 will offer and this focus on sharing and social media seems like a good, logical step forward.


What went wrong?

Gwen says: “Not too much to be honest. More details about the system would have been nice - without showing the system I feel that Sony might be limiting the amount of excitement generated for the console itself- people like to see cases believe it or not.”

Ryan says: “Not showing the system itself is a good place to start. Also the supposed AAA titles that were shown off during the event like a new Killzone and Infamous and the Forza rival DriveClub all seemed like fairly standard stuff just with a new visual coat. Killzone in particular looked impressive visually but the gameplay itself seemed once again more basic shooter stuff. Is that all we really have to look forward to from Sony’s sequels?


Are you happy with the direction Sony are taking?

Gwen says: “Sony are pushing social connectivity within their console and your games, in the most seamless way possible, which is a great idea - for instance the idea of seeing my friend’s gameplay live is pretty intriguing. The really interesting direction they’re heading is in putting the developer at the heart of the console, which hopefully means the variety of games, coming to the PlayStation Network will be especially broad.”

Ryan says: “I am pleased with where Sony are headed. The focus on sharing experiences with friends online and the potential behind it all is very exciting for me as a gamer. With plenty of publishers jumping up on stage including Square Enix, CAPCOM and more it seems developers too are eager to get their titles on the system. So far an impressive start for Sony.

Sony’s Final Score
Gwen’s Verdict
A strong start for Sony’s new home console.
Ryan’s Verdict
By no means a perfect debut for the PS4 but definitely an exciting one.

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  1. Emmodrevdog06-04-13

    Too bad for you guys MS will win the next gen by speaking towards a much, much broader audience than the small group of core gamers. The mainstream media loved it and there were only around 15 gaming journalists at the event, the rest was all mainstream media. Xbox One preorders are already very healthy and surpassing PS4 in certain regions.
    For gamers, the Xbox One intro might have sucked, but owners of the Xbox 360 already knew that Xbox is more than games and encompasses music an video as well and it will also incorporate TV next gen. It will be the ultimate entertainment brand and will succeed where Sony failed miserably because MS has the cash to make the proper deals with content providers.
    The games will be at E3!

    • ih8ppl_likeu06-04-13

      Here is a Xbox fanboy…

      • Ricky06-04-13

        Always better than an N4G PauperStation fan.

        • George06-05-13

          Anything is better than a fanboy

    • Mike06-05-13

      Umm, Me ad my friends have Xbox 360s and so far, we are not impressed with the Xbox One. Why the hell would we shell out more money for these extra features when we can get it from the internet for free and plus, we don’t even know what TV channels that will be on the Xbox one. Personally, I like my NBA, NFL and NHL league passes with starz and hbo for free (i get deals)

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