• 29, September, 2014

In the wait of Fallout 4…

The wait for FALLOUT 4 is long. It is reassuring to know that the right amount of time is being spent on developing the game but it still leaves a lot of us thirsty for some new Fallout material. So to help with that eternally unquenchable thirst, here is a trailer for a FALLOUT 3 mod called “FALLOUT 3: University of Plymouth”.

‘Fallout 3: University of Plymouth’ is a mod made with the Fallout 3 game engine editor, known as the GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit).

The GECK allows the use of various elements and with a lot of hard work, the Plymouth University Campus was partially re-created, as well as five of its buildings (Charles Seal Hayne Library / Roland Levinsky building / Charles Babbage building / Student Union / Immersive Vision Theatre).

—-[Check the next page for this mod's storyline & full gameplay video]—-

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