• 6, November, 2016

Top Ten Games of 2015 (4-3)

2015 is nearly over and reflecting on the past twelve months it’s been a great year no matter what console you own. Whether you’re looking for sequels or new IPs 2015 definitely had you covered. Which ten stood out from the pack though? Let’s continue the list with number four…


4. Bloodborne

Bloodborne was my true Everest this year. The game that kept on pushing me to my breaking point. With every ridiculous boss battle and every wrong turn taken I would constantly find myself feeling more agitated and frustrated. Yet for some strange reason… I kept returning. Even after falling to the Blood Starved Beast for the twentieth time I would come back in hope of toppling that damn giant.


Bloodborne was my first venture into the Dark Souls-style genre and while the combat system is somewhat archaic, movement a little slow and navigation confusing, its general sense of progression and satisfaction was enough to keep me going. Even amidst the frustration the game would continue to surprise on the lengthy forty plus hour journey and I suppose that feeling of slugging on is the point. This is no walk in the park - you’re in a living nightmare.

The gothic setting is also worth a mention - drenched in atmosphere taking you from city streets to darkened forests and swamps. Every new area offering specific detail that look as if they tell their own tale. It’s a good thing too as I found myself replaying the same areas time and time again, death after death until I got it right.

All in all though my time spent with Bloodborne will long stick in my mind. Whether it’s for its punishing difficulty, rewarding adventure or the number of dents in my wall from launching the controller at it is up for debate, either way it’s a journey that won’t be easily forgotten.


3. Rocket League

Let’s be honest, 2015 wasn’t exactly a stellar one for PlayStation Plus members, the monthly free downloads full of ports or lacking experiences. I quickly went from eagerly anticipating the grand reveal of the following month’s line-up to generally not caring at all unfortunately. There was however one shining star in the group and who knew all it would require was a bunch of cars and a giant ball.


Rocket League is so simple in its premise – two teams of one, two, three or four speeding around an arena hitting a ball into their opposition’s goal. With nothing more than your nitrous boost every save, shot, tackle and pass relies on your ability to handle your vehicle be it on the ground or flying through the air.

Hours were lost joining my friends online as they were playing locally with family. The fact each match lasts around five minutes meant I would continually find myself promising just one more go before switching the console off. Of course this was never the case. Small unlockables for your vehicles offered reason to keep playing. How I so wanted that boost that shot money out the exhaust!

While I may have burnt out on Rocket League within a couple of months, the amount of fun I had taking on strangers, playing locally with my brother or joining teammates online were among some of the best competitive multiplayer experiences I’d had all year. Landing a perfectly executed volley after a daring leap in the air, clearing the ball off the line or smashing into an opponent at full speed – all highlights of what has been a fantastic surprise of 2015. And that’s before even getting to the excellent free downloadable content!


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