• 21, May, 2019

The best PS4 Bundles and deals available

If you are ready to invest in a new gaming system and have chosen the PS4, you’ve made a wise choice.  With a great library of PlayStaion exclusives and PSVR you are going to have even more games to enjoy. The thing is, you are ready to buy, but you’re not sure which of the many PS4 bundles is right for you…

Naturally, you want to compare the pricing to find the best deal; but you also have to consider the type of gaming you enjoy. Also, there are different PS4 models to choose from. The good news is that there are several PS4 bundle packages you can choose from, as well as PS4 bundles on finance if you wish to spread the cost. If you are ready to buy, you might want to consider a few of those bundle options.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Bundle

With 1 TB memory capacity, the Star Wars: Battlefront II PS4 bundle is a great option to consider. Especially for those who are fans of the movie and game series, this is going to deliver the latest in the line of Star Wars games for you to play. You will also receive a wireless remote controller with your new console and game. The controller is dual shock, so you are going to feel it shake when you are hit, or engaged in high-paced action. You also receive the Star Wars Battlefront Blu-ray, which is an added bonus for fans of the film series.

2K18 Bundle

If you are an NBA fan, and are actually going to play the game often, it might be worth the investment to choose this current bundle that is available with a new PS4 gaming system. You obviously receive the slim gaming console, and you are going to receive the latest NBA 2k game, the 2018 version with your bundle. You receive a matching Dualshock 4 remote controller, which will match the colour of the gaming console that you are going to receive with your bundle. A Playstation membership is offered for a short period (after expiring you will have to purchase the monthly subscription to continue to use the online games you want to play). If you are a sports fan, and a fan of the NBA series, this might be a good option when choosing a bundle to invest in.

Call of Duty WWII Bundle

For the players who love the Call of Duty game series, or if you simply like mass shooter games, war games, fighter games, and similar genres, this is a great bundle package for you to consider when buying a new PS4. With your bundle you receive your new slim PS4 console, with a 1 TB hard-drive. The gaming console is a camouflage green, so you are going to feel as if you are actually in war-time gear. And, the matching Dualshock controller, is also green in colour, to match your new gaming system. Engage in a war in Normandy and feel what it was like to be a part of WWII. A great system, design, and option, for those who like this genre of play and games.

Fifa 18 Bundle

A final option to consider when investing in a new PS4 system is the Fifa18 cup version. Whether you are ready for the World Cup in the next few months, love fast-paced games, are a fan of soccer, or just want to find a great deal on a new system, you have found it with this bundle pack. Like the other systems and bundles, you get your new slim PS4 gaming console which has the 1 TB hard drive built into it. You will receive a copy of the Fifa 2018 game with your bundle, and you receive a Dualshock remote controller, which is wireless, as is the case with the other bundle options available. This is a great option for the sports lover, the soccer lover, or someone who simply wants to start playing on a new PS4, and truly enjoy the great graphics, gaming experience, and quality in gaming, for a reasonable price.

Know what to look for

There are many companies, sites, and individual sellers, who try to get away with selling the older, 500 GB version of the PS4 system. Although this may suffice for some gamers, you still want to know you are getting the 1 TB version. Not only will this provide you more internal space in the hard drive, it is also obviously going to be a better deal, price wise, when you are getting more, for a lower price. So, before you do invest in any of these, or other current bundles you can buy with the PS4 slim system, make sure you know how much you are getting in terms of internal hard drive.

Also, make sure you get the wireless remote, and choose Dualshock if possible. This is going to make for a superior gaming experience, and will allow you to “feel” the action as you are playing. It simply makes it a more enjoyable gaming experience, and one which is going to provide you with the best deal possible, when choosing your new PS4 bundle for gaming.

Whether it is your first gaming system, an upgrade, or a new direction (from Xbox or other systems), the PS4 is a great system for you to invest in as a gamer. For those who are looking for a PS4 system, and want to enjoy the best games, the right way to start is to purchase a bundle. In addition to getting a game to start you off with, they are also going to include a controller, and you can often find bundles which offer a free subscription to online gaming (usually up to 30 days, at which point you have to renew and pay a monthly fee). If you are ready to buy today, and want to find the best system, top games, and obviously the best pricing, these are a few of the best PS4 bundle packages to consider investing in today.