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TGI Fridays - 07/06/2013

09 Jun Posted by + in TGI Friday | Comments

Welcome to The Game Inquirer’s first episode of a brand new gaming show - TGI Fridays. Each episode, Ryan and the rest of the gang take a look at some of the more interesting game releases of the past few months. “With a show to focus on the older games we used to play and love, it only seemed like a good idea to have a show that catered to those who want to see what the more recent games are like” said Ryan.

This week the group check out a browser based game, a handful of Wii U titles and the new Last of Us demo.

Lethal League is a simple game that pits you and a friend against each other using just a baseball bat and ball. The idea of the game is to hit the ball around the screen whilst trying to hit your opponent with it. The more you hit the ball, the faster the speed becomes. Simple. Ryan and Carl sit down to take a look at this stupidly addictive game which has already had tournaments started believe it or not.

Next up the group play the new Last of Us demo which was released just this week for those who purchased God of War: Ascension. Daniel takes the lead on this demo, showing off the stunning visuals and brutal combat of the game. Review for this game have already been incredible with a large number of perfect scores appearing from big publications such as IGN and Edge magazine. While Daniel may not be the greatest at the game (he did manage to get bitten two times in a matter of minutes after all) The Last of Us is definitely looking to live up to its incredible high expectations already.

Finally the group take a look at two Wii U launch titles, New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land. New Super Mario Bros U is 2D Mario platforming at its finest and this week the gang try out two of the game’s multiplayer modes. The first being Boost Rush mode which features a constantly scrolling screen that picks up in the speed, the more coins are collected. As you can imagine chaos ensues especially with three people trying to keep up with the moving screen. The other mode is purely competitive, with the highest coin collector being named the victor. While many argued that the game didn’t offer much in the way of new ideas, one thing’s for sure, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable multiplayer platformer out there.

Nintendo Land features twelves games, each focusing on a particular Nintendo brand. After a overly lengthy tutorial, Ryan, Daniel, Carl and Lily try out Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase. The former see the Gamepad user controlling a ghost and trying to capture the other players using a Wii remote. The catch? The Wii remote users can’t see the ghost on the screen. Mario Chase on the other hand is essentially a game of hide-and-seek where the Gamepad user must keep away from the catchers. The catchers meanwhile need to communicate and work as a team if they’re to stand any chance of winning.

So there you have it. Let us know if you liked the show and please subscribe and leave comments

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