• 23, April, 2019

Wii U

Super Mario 3D World Review

What a difference half a year can make right? Super Mario 3D World debuted back in June at E3 to disappointed fans the world over. Whether it was down to the impossibly high expectations for a new Mario title from ...

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Sonic Lost World Review

Sonic’s been on a roll as of late (no pun intended). While many out there continue to shout the blue hedgehog’s demise since his Mega Drive days from a rooftop, truth of the matter is recent titles like Colours and ...

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TGI Fridays – 07/06/2013

Welcome to The Game Inquirer’s first episode of a brand new gaming show – TGI Fridays. Each episode, Ryan and the rest of the gang take a look at some of the more interesting game releases of the past few ...

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