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Super Smash Bros Brawl. The Best Wii Had To Offer?

25 Feb Posted by in Reviews, Wii U | Comments
Super Smash Bros Brawl. The Best Wii Had To Offer?

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Character wise this is the best yet in a Smash fighter with 35 making the final count once everyone has been unlocked. Of course you have old favourites like Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Pikachu and Samus who have been tweaked slightly. (Some with new moves and some with power upped or lowered to level the playing field.) Also along for the ride are newcomers Diddy Kong, Ike, Metaknight and King Dedede. Not to mention unexpected third party fighters Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog who at first worried me as to whether they would fit in with an all Nintendo crowd. It’s safe to say though that they are great additions to the roster and offer some interesting new methods of fighting to the mix.


There are too many stages to count in the game and each one offers a different and unique obstacle to avoid or take advantage of so it’s worth trying them all. From Mario Sunshine’s Delfino Plaza and Starfox’s battle across the Lylat System right through to the open sea of Wind Waker and even the legendary Green Hill Zone, each offer little features that will make any past Nintendo, Sonic or Metal Gear fan smile. Whether it’s the spinning checkpoints from past Sonic games, crazy mini games that you have to complete whilst fighting during the WarioWare stage or the detailed mansion from Luigi’s Gamecube effort. But HAL haven’t stopped there. Included are around ten Melee stages and while some aren’t the best choices (especially since Brawl has remade some of them anyway), there are some like the Cranky’s cabin over rushing waters stage from Donkey Kong Country that are more than welcome. And again it doesn’t end there. As well as new stages and old stages thrown in is a stage creator. Here you can develop a small, medium or large level with spikes, moving platforms, ruins and more.

Visually this game is impressive. The transition from the first game to Melee was amazing and after playing Brawl it’s clear that this game beats the Gamecube version hands down. Just have a look at Mario or Link and compare them to their Melee counterparts. You’ll see a big difference. Bottom line is the characters visually are awesome with animations that look so fluid and smooth. Saying that however, it doesn’t mean the stages are a slouch though. One complaint from Melee was that backgrounds looked a little bland and not as good as the foreground itself. That has been cleared up and everything looks great. Overall it’s one of the best looking games on the Wii.

Now the music. Honestly it has to be the greatest collection of tracks I have had the pleasure of hearing in any game to date. Sure HAL could have done a one or two music tracks for every stage but why not try around six, seven and more. Included in this game are well over 200 tracks that include original untouched tunes such as Rainbow Road from Double Dash or newer remixes like Angel Island Zone from Sonic 3. Basically you’ll find music for nearly every major Nintendo franchise past and present, sure to bring a tear to the most nostalgic players.

Was there really any doubt as to the excellence of this title especially after the excellent Gamecube version? Super Smash Bros Brawl is definitely up there with the likes of the Wii’s best. While it may not be as fresh nor innovative as games like the Galaxy series or Skyward Sword it seems like what HAL have done has pushed the series to its peak making for one of the most expertly crafted games on the Wii and possibly of this generation. The game has so much going for it and if you’re a fan of fighters or just a Nintendo fan in general you’d be crazy not to pick up a cheap copy to play on your Wii U. Here’s to you Super Smash Bros Brawl!

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