• 20, September, 2018

Retro Wednesdays – Learning To Be A Cooooool Boarder!

It’s time for episode two of Retro Wednesdays! – a weekly show where the crew at The Game Inquirer sit down and take a look at older games that have left a lasting impression whether it be a good one or a bad one. Every week two of the crew members each pick a game to play and discuss.

Ryan, Carl, Lily and Daniel regroup this week to check out a couple of old PlayStation hits. First up is a game Dan remembers fondly – Tomba… or Tombi… whatever you prefer. The show then takes a cooler turn as the gang replay Cool Boarders 2.

Dan explains why this weird and wacky game, Tomba is worth revisiting: “Our first game we’re playing is a Playstation 1 title called Tombi (also known as Tomba in Japan and America). This adventure platformer stars a pink haired animalistic boy known as Tombi, who is in search of his grandfather’s bracelet which has been stolen by the evil pigs. (As they do). Carl and myself have fond memories of playing this game when we were younger, and although it may not have been a major stand out title in the Playstation’s impressive catalogue of games, it definitely has a cult following. The game simply oozes charm from its colourful and imaginative art direction to its amusing dialogue from its many cast of zany characters.”

He adds, “We explore the first opening quests in the game to give a taster of what the game is about and introduce it to those of you who are unaware of what the game is. It may look a little rough around the edges but it’s a damn good game. Keep a look out for some questionable looking flowers and some rather disturbing actions between Tombi and an innocent frog too.”

As for the second game of the week, this was a choice everyone happily agreed with, it’s Cool Boarders 2. “Before SSX, before 1080 on the Nintendo 64, there was Cool Boarders. One of the first three games I had for the system (along with the very first GTA and Crash Bandicoot 2) as a kid this was as cool as a game could get,” claims Dan. “Offering a great mix of races, score focused rounds and of course Big Air there was plenty to get stuck into.”


“In the show we volunteer Ryan to take the plunge in a round of Board Park where let’s just say his skills are less than impressive. It’s here that we remember just how tough this game actually is… especially if you can’t remember the control system! We then each take a shot at pulling the biggest tricks we can in Big Air – apparently landing on your head is good enough for a score of around 200. We also fail miserably at the game’s campaign mode before finally racing each other in two player mode. What have we learned from this whole experience? We’re not very cool for one, and Cool Boarders 2 is a tough game to master.”

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