• 16, April, 2016

Rayman Legends 20,000 Lums Under The Sea Trailer

The long delayed Rayman Legends has received another new trailer today, this time focusing on an ocean world. So far we’ve seen Rayman and the gang travel across medieval castles, dark dungeons, giant beanstalks and most recently a vibrant Mexican themed area. Now we can add underwater base to the list as in the trailer we see the gang dive deep into the ocean finding an almost Bioshock-esque facility complete with electric shooting guns, alarms and flashing lights and a giant part eel part dragon… thing.

Rayman Legends was originally intended as a Wii U exclusive at the system’s launch late last year. Unfortunately the game was delayed until February due to quality reasons. With mere days away, Ubisoft pulled the rug out from under Rayman fans once more announcing that not only would Rayman be delayed once more, but that he’d be heading to PS3 and Xbox 360 too. As you can imagine Wii U owners (myself included) were less than happy with the situation especially considering a number of system owners had bought the console at the promise of Rayman Legends alone.

To help lessen the blow, Ubisoft offered a free downloadable app for all Wii U owners that would be updated daily with new challenges and events. Let me just say right now, if you’ve yet to download this beauty then get online and do so now.

What the app offers is small, bite-sized challenges that either see you collecting Lums, finishing a section as fast as possible or simply running as far as you can before finally taking a hit. While it may not sound like much, believe me when I say it can all become very addictive fast. You see, you’re not simply racing to beat your own high score, you’re also facing against others from around the world. Picking five of the closest rivals, you’ll compete against their ghosts and should you beat them, it’s onto the next five and so on. This continues until the day long (or week long) event is over and the final scores are tallied. Trophies are awarded based on where you finished which is also added to your overall ranking. Lums collected, trophies, distance traveled, it’s all tracked and compared!

As I said the daily updates and competition from other human players keeps me coming back day after day. If this is any indication of how much fun Rayman Legends will be come August then sign me up.

Rayman Legends is out on PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 August 30th.


Today, Ubisoft allows Rayman fans to discover another world of the game Rayman Legends thanks to a new trailer. After the Mariachi Madness video that presented the musical map of the “Fiesta de los Muertos” world, Ubisoft reiterates by unveiling the “20 000 Lums under the Sea” world. As its name indicates, this part of the game takes place under water. In this Ocean world, players face brand new enemies and can manipulate light and dark using gameplay mechanics based on stealth and infiltration.