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My First Few Hours Surviving In State Of Decay

15 Jun Posted by + in Features | Comments
My First Few Hours Surviving In State Of Decay

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I recently got the chance to put a few hours into Undead Lab’s zombie apocalypse title, State of Decay, a game that has been receiving some positive feedback since its release on Xbox Live last week. With so many zombie focused games out there my expectations weren’t particularly beaming I’ll be honest. Do we really need another zombie game I asked myself? What could State of Decay possibly bring to the table that others haven’t? Well actually, it turns out quite a fair bit.

One thing I really love about the game is its willingness to simply throw you directly into the action. Immediately you and your pal are faced with a small pack of zombies and what follows must be one of the quickest introductions to a game I’ve ever experienced. You know everything has gone to hell, zombies are everywhere and you must now survive and the game feels like it’s almost telling you to just deal with it on your own.

After dealing with the small group of zombies, I made my way up toward the ranger station, met up with some more survivors and quickly started my first observational mission. For this you need to climb a tower and scout around the area looking for key locations that include supermarkets that might contain food supplies, survivors barricaded up in their house or zombie hordes you’ll want to avoid. From then on the game pretty much leaves you to do as you wish.

And that’s what makes State of Decay so appealing. So many zombie games out there focus purely on the killing of the undead beasts; whereas State of Decay is one of the first games I’ve experienced to truly put you in the heart of an apocalypse, dealing with the actual problems you might face in such a situation. Thinking about it, if zombies were to take over the world, chances are you’d focus on gathering supplies, forming a group and fortifying your position somewhere safe and State of Decay  decides to run with these ideas. No previous zombie games have ever executed these elements in such depth, instead merely glossing over the details and focusing on the gunplay or mindless gore-soaked kills.

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