• 8, October, 2017

Lethal VR Review

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Shooter Three Fields Ent. 20/12/2016 PlayStation 4 PSN

While my new PlayStation VR headset has seen plenty of use over the past couple of months – everything from drifting sports cars round tight turns to piloting a giant mech whilst scoring touchdowns and even defusing bombs have been attempted, my PlayStation Move controllers sadly have seen little action. Sure Rush of Blood and Tumble offered brief glimpses of the potential these controllers had, but beyond that options have remained fairly limited. Enter Lethal VR, a game that delivers guns, sharp objects and the odd dangerous hat.

Believe it or not, but in terms of shooting experiences the PlayStation VR doesn’t offer too many, Rush of Blood being the only real exception so to hear a new one was on the way was nothing short of exciting. After all gunplay feels like such a perfect fit for VR in combination with the Move controllers so I wanted to see plenty more examples. What Three Fields Entertainment have delivered in Lethal VR while not especially out of the norm, is a strong example of shooting done right in VR. It just feels so good.

Split into around 30 different missions, you’ll be tasked with scoring big through shooting targets in a room. Missions vary in length from a couple minutes to mere seconds with both your speed and accuracy called upon in order to score yourself a strong ranking. While their overall objective ultimately remains the same (shoot everything bad) you’ll come across some slight variances along the way whether it be cardboard cut-outs of criminals, bullseyes, civilians to avoid or random bottles to smash.

Your arsenal too changes from mission to mission often split between a standard handgun or throwing knives with rare points where you may find yourself using a revolver, ninja stars or even a hat. While the firearms handle pretty much the same, with the exception of bullet count, the throwing weapons see you physically making a throwing gesture in order to hurl them at your targets. While it sounds like a cool idea, the actual process is a little finicky; meaning plenty of my throws went way off target unexpectedly.

While it may all sound fairly standard stuff and while the missions themselves don’t stand out as particularly exceptional, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s the way you feel when playing through them that truly does. The guns look legit in VR, they sound loud and powerful and the game offers good pace never messing about when it comes to loading you into a new challenge or restarting.
Stringing together bullseye after bullseye makes you feel like you’re as good a shot as Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Dumping bullets into a crowd of targets as quick as possible or finally training your body to use your left gun as well as your right in order to shoot on both sides of the room are all highlight moments.

It’s just a real shame that the game amounts to no more than this. Once you’ve made your way through each mission there’s really very little to do after. Trophies are simple enough I managed to grab them all in under two hours since starting the game while competing for high scores can only last you so long. Perhaps inflating the mission count or even adding multiplayer hot-seat options would help pad out what is a very slim package. That being said it is easily one of the best showpieces to get out for newcomers to VR. Where deep-sea diving in VR Worlds left players getting bored after a few minutes and RIGS offered controls far too complicated for a quick demo, Lethal VR is easy enough to get into and translates well to anyone regardless of age.

The question you have to ask yourself really is whether you’re happy spending the money on what would essentially become a game you break out when you have people over because as a lone experience it’s far too lacking.

Despite some occasional tracking issues Lethal VR feels great at times. Shooting an UZI in one hand whilst pulling the trigger of a pistol in the other simply put makes you feel like a total badass. Sadly the game’s biggest downfall is that it’s just too short making it a tough recommendation for anyone looking for a meaty experience to sink their teeth into. For those eager to show off their latest gadget to friends and family, Lethal VR certainly ranks as the best, easiest demonstration out there.

Lethal VR Review Ryan Janes

Summary: Offering a fun series of missions, the gunplay is sadly over before you know it.



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