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Just What Is The Best Mario Kart?

14 May Posted by in Features | Comments
Just What Is The Best Mario Kart?

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Mario Kart 7

Some might argue that this and Super Mario 3D Land are the saviours for what was once Nintendo’s flailing handheld and it’s easy to see why. Mario Kart 7 for me put the series back on track after the massively disappointing Wii version boasting some excellent track design, great visuals and plenty of multiplayer options.

Gliding and underwater sections were introduced this time around that may not have shaken things up in a huge way, but they certainly complimented the already solid racing fun. With the 3D turned on, flying your way over the moon in Rainbow Road was truly an awesome sight.


Online impressed as well with races and battles now consisting of up to eight players (up from four in Mario Kart DS). Furthermore communities would allow gamers to create their own tournaments with its own rules. If online wasn’t your bag then single kart download play also allowed you to race with friends locally on all 32 tracks. A nice extra.


Mario Kart DS

To some this is seen as the best of all the Mario Karts. To me however it’s the best handheld entry. Mario Kart DS took the series in some interesting directions starting with the re-introduction of retro cups. While this had been done before in Super Circuit, here Nintendo instead pulled from all previous Mario Kart titles even including the Gamecube’s recent Double Dash!! While we may take this idea for granted now, at the time seeing your favourite tracks from past iterations return once more was amazing.


An exclusive feature to the DS version and one that has been requested ever since is the game’s mission mode. Here you find yourself completing various tasks that test your driving and weapon ability. One minute you might be performing power slides, the next destroying crates. Best of all though were the boss battles against a number of Super Mario 64 enemies.

Of course what will be remembered most about Mario Kart DS is that this was the first to introduce online player to the series. While the features were limited by today’s standards, being able to race against three other players around the world on a handheld was mind blowing.

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