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Is Tomb Raider a Return To Form For Lara?

13 May Posted by + in Uncategorized | Comments

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While actual tomb raiding takes a backseat to the action, there are the odd moments where the guns are set aside and your ability to manipulate and traverse the environment are put into play. Whether it’s figuring out how to crack a puzzle in one of the game’s tombs or how to reach a bunker base high above, those worried Tomb Raider has strayed too far into all-out action will be pleased to hear these sort of moments do exist. It’s maybe a shame there aren’t more of them as the tombs themselves almost feel like a tease of what could have been some truly memorable puzzle dungeons.

The island itself is beauty to behold, from your first viewing out to the ocean as the main title fades in, to the finale, you’ll explore plenty of environments. From ruins and forests to mountains and beaches each area feels different and offers fresh new challenges and obstacles to traverse. If at any point you find yourself stuck Lara’s handy Survival Instincts vision will highlight any points of interest nearby as well as enemies and collectables.

If you’re a fan of collectables then you’re in luck as Tomb Raider has literally hundreds of them. Whether it’s hidden documents, artifacts or even extra challenges there’s plenty to go back to even once the credits have rolled.

Multiplayer is a new addition to the series but hardly a surprising one considering the popularity of such a mode with the Uncharted series. Unfortunately here things aren’t quite so polished nor fun. What you have is a competent third person shooter with the standard mode types, environments that lack any real excitement and shooting that doesn’t feel as satisfying as the single player experience. However even before you consider the multiplayer in the game, Tomb Raider is a bulky single player experience. The online modes are just the icing on the cake so to speak.

With so many franchises seeing the reboot treatment lately it’s nice to see a much loved one like Tomb Raider handled as well as this new entry is. Multiplayer and dodgy story and characters aside, Tomb Raider offers a decent sized campaign full of plenty of exciting moments, enjoyable gunplay and just enough actual raiding of tombs to please fans of the genre. Maybe not up to Uncharted’s standards but still pretty damn close.


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