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Is The Latest Resident Evil A Revelation For The Series?

21 May Posted by + in Wii | Comments

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Resident Evil isn’t exactly in everyone’s good graces right now especially after spin-off entry Raccoon City and the extremely messy Resident Evil 6 last year both disappointed in equal measures. It should come as no surprise then that CAPCOM decided to re-release 3DS gem Resident Evil Revelations on home systems; likely the last decent Resident Evil title. Has the shift from handheld to home console proven a good fit though?

Resident Evil: Revelations takes place between the events of four and five; following the first game’s protagonists, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield and their involvement in the BSAA. Things start off with Jill and her new partner Parker exploring an abandoned cruise ship in the middle of the ocean in search of missing team mates Chris and his partner Jessica. As you might expect from a Resident Evil game, this mission won’t be as simple as it sounds with the story taking a number of twists and turns and of course involving plenty of monsters. The entire eight or so hour adventure is split into twelve nicely spread out episodes each ending in a mini cliff-hanger of sorts (almost like a television show) that helps keep the pace flowing along nicely. Every episode even opens with a little “previously on Resident Evil Revelations…” feature that gives you a quick update on everything that has happened so far.

While most of the time is spent aboard the ghost ship playing as Jill in search of her lost colleagues, the game will occasionally cut away to other characters and locations via a series of flashbacks. One episode for example not only sees you navigating a flooding room as Jill but halfway through then cuts to an exploration mission in the snowy mountains as two brand new characters. At times it can make the game feel a little disjointed with the constant changes in narrative; however it does allow Capcom to find a nice balance between moments that build tension and ones chock full of action.

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