• 21, May, 2019

Is a PlayStation VR worth investing in?

If you love gaming, you may be considering whether or not to invest in the PlayStation VR or not. Whether you’ve previously owned their gaming systems, are transitioning over from Xbox, or are simply doing some comparison shopping, to find the perfect gaming system, for your gaming enjoyment needs, the VR is an exceptional system, on many fronts.

Game variety

If you can think of a gaming-genre, it is likely the PlayStation VR has a game for you. RPG, MRPG, Shooter games, puzzles, adventure, and more. Whether you prefer something like Skyrim VR which gives you an epic-fantasy like adventure at your fingertips, or a game like No Heroes Allowed, which allows you to breed your own heroes and characters, the list of options is truly endless.

The virtual reality gaming system has some new titles, and is constantly adding to the list of games available. Among some of the recent additions are:

  • Superhot VR
  • Dino Frontier
  • Sparc
  • DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles
  • Gran Turismo Sport

These are only a few of the titles which players can engage in. And, if you are the type of person who wants the “real-life” feeling, at your fingertips, you are aware of the fact that a virtual reality (VR) player, is just what you’ve been looking for.

There are over 100 games (and counting) for the PlayStation VR at the present moment. Add this to the repertoire of games you already own with your PS4 system, and you won’t find many systems which are going to offer nearly as much style, or type of game play, as this system is going to deliver to you.

Why choose VR?

So, you are contemplating the high price tag of this new addition to the PlayStation family? Given you are a gamer, love to try out the latest systems, and are wondering if this system is right for you, you might be asking why the VR over another system. First and foremost, you have the virtual reality under your belt. You are moving, you feel, you are seeing everything unfold, right in front of your eyes, with this system. No other gaming console is going to replicate this (at least not yet).

The techs are spectacular. The VR headset is going to deliver high-quality, OLED resolution. You are actually going to believe you are in the middle of the action, while you are playing any game you engage in. With 960 RGB X1080 resolution, per eye, you won’t find a gaming console which delivers crisper, high-resolution, quality images. Movements won’t lag as is the case with other gaming systems. High-speed games, are actually played in high-speeds. If you desire speed, precision, crisp, quality, resolution, look no further.

How about the processing? With 3D processing, you won’t get a better experience in gaming. No other system comes close to what the VR experience is going to deliver to you. If you want to feel like you are there, and actually are in your character’s body, this is the system for you to invest in.

Connect with PS4

If you are a PS4 owner, you are halfway through to becoming a PlayStation VR owner. And, you might as well engage in those epic games you already love, in virtual reality, and feel as if you are there in real life. Your instincts are going to kick into high gear, regardless of the game you are playing. Your pupils are going to dilate like no other experience, so you can fully immerse yourself in the action, fast-speed, movements, in a car racing game, or epic shootout in a MRPG.

The headset

PlayStation thrives on quality and precision, and with the VR it is no different. The headset is made of high-quality materials. It is lightweight, yet sturdy so it won’t break or easily get damaged. It is balanced, comfortable to fit right over your head and eyes, and it is comfortable. So, even if your character is sweating in fast-paced action, you can keep cool and collected while playing your favorite game titles. It is adjustable, and designed so you feel like nothing is there. This allows for freedom of mobility, range, and gives you the lifelike experience you desire, when engaged in thrilling action games.

Game play

For the best experience, you should be about 1.5 meters from your gaming system when wearing your VR headset. This is going to allow the camera to be directly in view of the console, and will allow the free range in mobility you desire, to really immerse into the action-packed game you are playing. Adjusting height and direction angles of your camera is exceptionally easy to do which is another great feature of the VR. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to play sitting or standing, you can easily mobilize the system, to meet your specific gaming criteria.

The system (ease of use)

Even if you don’t have experience with gaming systems or high-tech equipment, you can’t go wrong with the VR. Adjusting the settings, modifying game play, adjusting light settings, or even the resolution and image quality, are extremely easy functions to run. So, even a novice, or someone who is brand new to the PlayStation family, is going to find it is an easy system to learn to use, and operate, to fully acclimate into the gaming experience you desire, and deserve.

With new systems coming out regularly, there is so much that sets the VR apart from anything else that is out there today. The simple fact that you are in “virtual reality” mode, and are actually in the middle of the action, gives you an entirely new experience of gaming, and an entirely new way to play. If you are on the fence, and are a PS4 owner, it is well worth the investment but before rushing in to buying one I would recommend reading some reviews and see which retailers supply them.

This can make sure that you find the best deal possible. Buying the PlayStation VR on finance is also possible with the help of online catalogues. The number of games, and constant additions alone, will keep you busy with something new, each time you fire your system up to play the games you love to play.