• 1, December, 2015

Gaming on a shoe string: Signalex gaming headset

‘Gaming on a shoe string’  finds the cheapest components for those gaming enthusiasts on a very small budget. Every month, we find the cheapest computer parts, accessories or other gaming related peripherals and we give them an honest review.

This month, we are reviewing the “Steroe Headset with Microphone” made by “Signalex”, available to buy in the UK at the Poundland stores for the modest sum of £1.00.

  • This headset comprises of some medium size adjustable headphones and an an adjustable mouth-piece microphone.
  • It uses two 2.5mm size cables (small headphone), one for the headphone, the other for the microphone.
  • The cable length is 1.3m.
  • The headset does not require extra power to get both microphone and headphones to work.
  • The headset comes in a black colour, the only other colours present in this headset are the ones on each jack endings.
  • The item is made mainly of thin lightweight plastic, it does feel fragile. This goes for the cables and cable endings, which also feel cheap.
  • The headphones are covered with a couple of thin foams.

  • The headphones are easy to adjust and they do feel very light, which is quite pleasant. However they do not feel like they are firmly attached to your head.
  • Those sort of headphones do not provide you with any form of noise cancelation as they are too small and too light.
  • The microphone is easy enought to move around and it does its job.
  • The audio quality feels reduced as those cheap headphones have a limited audio bandwith, so not too much bass / sub should be expected.
  • This item is very prone to breaking.
  • The plastic is too lightweight and the cables / electronics are very poorly soldered so they will break eventually.

So what can we say about this £1.00 marvel of gaming technology? It works, but only for a limited time. It doesn’t work great, it just does a very basic job of it. To sum it up:

  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Limited sonic experience
  • Cheap cables
  • They will break
Gaming on a shoe string: Signalex gaming headset Jean Lewis
Looks & Feel

Summary: "Get one if you are saving or waiting for a new pair, just keep it in case you need it. If it breaks, just get another one."