• 17, April, 2016

Game Releases June 2013

June as you may know is the biggest month for gaming with E3 showing off the biggest and best projects for the remainder of the year and beyond. That isn’t to say there isn’t anything to get excited about now though. Here’s a look at what June has to offer.

Remember Me is out now and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Future and Memories, great. Always a tiny plus when I get to play as a woman. Came out on the 4th.

Animal Crossing:New Leaf something fun and beautiful, is available on the 3DS and came out on the 9th.

Tekken Revolution Free-to-Play but with no micro-transaction details as of yet. Available on the PS3 and the Vita. Coming on the 11th.

The Last of Us, looks to be a spectacular addition to Naughty Dogs collection. All about survival and my most anticipated game of…well since I first ever heard about it. Coming on the 14th.

Game and Wario available on the Wii U, looks arcade(y) and fun! Was meant to be pre-downloaded on all Wii U systems, and was used as a technical demonstration for the system, they decided they had come up with more ideas so was made into an actual title. Coming on the 23rd.

Company of Heros 2, played the BETA on steam, not really my thing but I enjoyed it none the less. Solid real-time strategy game. Coming on the 25th.

Deadpool- Game from activision, marvel and high moon studios. Deadpool is the main character and from watching the trailer it seems well written, in the sense its not cheesy, nothing I wouldn’t expect from the great comic creators. Comes out on the 25th.

TBA (to be announced) but Note Worthy
Deathmatch Village- Three on Three arcade action being released on PS3 and PSVita
Thunder Wolves- Helicopters, Explosives and Swearing. Available on Steam.