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Deadpool - Superhero

08 Jul Posted by + in PlayStation, Xbox | Comments
Deadpool – Superhero

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Sadly it’s the combat – the real meat of the game where Deadpool starts to fall apart. While the character is known for his combination of guns and blades, the way the game handles the two weapon types feels clunky and unintuitive at best. Switching between pistols and katanas in a more fluid manner has been done successfully before (just look at Dmc) and it’s disappointing that the same can’t be replicated here, especially with a game that relies so heavily on battling waves of enemies.

And that’s another problem with Deadpool, is that it can feel repetitive at times. A large percentage of your time will be spent dispatching waves upon waves of copied enemy types that as you progress through the game receive nothing more than a quick pallet swap. The fighting feels competent enough with some truly over the top executions and manoeuvres up Deadpool’s sleeve and plenty of upgrades and weapons to purchase, however it’s neither too deep nor exciting enough to hold up through the six hour story. Throw in a wildly unhelpful camera and some messy stealthy sections and it becomes clear more time needed to be spent in order to iron these things out. Fans of the series will likely want to power through eagerly anticipating the next hilarious cut scene or super hero encounter, however gamers indifferent to the antics of Deadpool, may find the odd joke here and there simply isn’t enough to justify grinding through.

That isn’t to say Deadpool doesn’t have its moments. You’ll find plenty of action fuelled sections involving helicopters and of course plenty of explosions. These events are cool and do help in breaking up the constant arena style battles. There are also a number of clever call-backs to other video games including a section where Deadpool literally blows most of the game’s budget and suddenly the action takes a Link to the Past style turn complete with retro sprites. There are even 2D platforming areas to tackle too. It’s these points of the game that give Deadpool the variety it sorely needs and it’s just a shame there aren’t more like it.

While Deadpool ultimately feels like a generic third person actioner, the humour alone should be enough to please fans of the comic book mercenary. With genuinely laugh out loud moments, Zelda inspired dungeons and a general feeling of self-awareness there are definitely things to like about this game. It’s just a shame the overall package feels a bit bland and lacking.

Final Summary
Decent enough character models with rather drab looking environments.
Excellent voice acting let down by okay music.
Generic and bland combat sprinkled with cool and interesting moments.
Not the failure many expected but neither the heroic debut others hoped. Funny but not overly fun.

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