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Deadpool - Superhero

08 Jul Posted by + in PlayStation, Xbox | Comments
Deadpool – Superhero

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Deadpool is one of those comic book characters that you either love or you hate. The character’s inner demons, crude sense of humour, constant one liners and often hilarious breaking of the fourth wall splits opinions but for those in favour, these traits help create someone so unique and different especially in the comic book world (at least as far as I’ve read). While heroes like Batman and Spiderman look to save the city with minimal casualties, Deadpool is all about the chaos. The blood soaked kills. He is a crazy mercenary and definitely not one to be messed with and it’s often a refreshing change of pace in the Marvel and DC universes.

So now that the merc with a mouth has his own game, should fans be excited? In the past we’ve seen superheroes succeed and fail at making the move to video game but with a ridiculous character like Deadpool you’d fully expect him to fall in the former group. Unfortunately the red and black assassin lands somewhere in the middle with some great ideas plagued by severely average gameplay.

If anything High Moon studios have to be praised for perfectly capturing the essence of what makes Deadpool who he is. From the bickering voices in his head and constant winks and nods to the audience to the actual storyline itself, everything about this game drips with that unique Deadpool flavour. The game is very self aware and for the most part it works often to hilarious affect.

Take the plot for example. Sitting around and scratching his junk, Deadpool receives a voice message from developers High Moon who have decided to make a game based on him (with a little help from a bunch of explosives and heavy threats). The anti-hero then takes it upon himself to create his own script after being unimpressed with the amount of words in High Moon’s attempt. What then follows is a series of battles across eight chapters with plenty of moments that poke fun at High Moon, other cameo-making super heroes including Wolverine and even video games in general. Sure it’s simple but merely serves as a vehicle for the game’s humour.

Like I said most of the time the gags in Deadpool work really well and often I found myself laughing aloud courtesy of a well timed joke or smart quip. One stand out moment sees Deadpool calling up Nolan North (who actually voices the character in the game) to offer him the role of himself since people think the pair sound alike anyway. It’s these little nods that make trudging through the sometimes dull campaign feel worth it. The more offensive moments strangely end up being much weaker in comparison but thanks to the rapid fire rate of comedy, the hits far outweigh the misses.

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