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Why This Year’s E3 May Be One Of Nintendo’s Best

05 Jun Posted by + in Features | Comments

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Nintendo are playing a very different ball game to both Sony and Microsoft this year at E3. While the latter two will be battling it out for next generation supremacy with their shiny new systems, Nintendo instead will be proving to the world that their now one year old system is still worth getting excited for. Many out there feel Nintendo haven’t got what it takes to compete with Microsoft and Sony this year, however I believe the company has just as much chance as any other to steal the thunder at E3 and surprise us all. Here’s why…

Let’s start small. Nintendo’s Virtual Console has had a pretty rough start, let’s admit. Sure there have been the odd glimmers of light in the form of Super Metroid and Super Mario World, but

a) These are games we’ve already had on the Wii Virtual console for years

b) All we’ve seen so far are a high percentage of NES titles

c) Where the hell are the Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Advance games?

While E3 should have a big focus on new Wii U games, Nintendo shouldn’t forget its retro catalogue. Nintendo have perhaps the best back catalogue of past games than any other company out there so why are they not using them? Imagine the excitement for fans by simply announcing a release date for the remaining two platforms or dare I say the addition of a Gamecube library? So far the Virtual Console has been a bit of a joke and Nintendo can easily turn that around come E3.

Three words. Super Smash Bros. There’s no doubt that amongst Nintendo fans out there, this is the name that carries the most power and excitement and with this year’s E3 marking the official debut of the now fourth entry in the series to say anticipation is extremely high for this title is a major understatement. While the game is likely still a ways off from completion, a teaser trailer doesn’t seem out of the question. So what to include in it? A couple of veteran characters like Link and Mario of course complete with their new HD makeover, but throw in a couple of newcomer curveballs too. Remember the debut trailer for Brawl at E3 2006? Not only did we see Pit, Wario and Metaknight make their first appearance in the series, but also third party addition Solid Snake. Nintendo should have something of this magnitude to show next week. While just seeing a logo and a couple of screens would likely send gamers into frenzy, a teaser trailer would send them into a total meltdown.

Of course the big titles don’t end there. We know for fact that both Mario Kart U and a new 3D Mario for Wii U will both be present and playable at E3 both of which carry a great deal of hype with them. After both Galaxy titles, the anticipation for Mario’s next adventure couldn’t be higher. Where do the development team take the plumber next? Where do you go after space?

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