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Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger - Shooting It’s Way Out of Mediocrity?

30 May Posted by + in PlayStation, Xbox | Comments
Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger – Shooting It’s Way Out of Mediocrity?

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Some stages also feature “duels” where players are expected to juggle a pair of meters by independently moving around both analogues and pulling the trigger to kill their opponent first. While not the best interpretation of the quick draw, it’s a good attempt at offering more than a simple case of “who can hit a button press first”.

Levelling up your character unlocks skill points which can be used to open up your skill tree. These fall into three brackets: Gunslinger (Dual Wield), Trapper (Close Quarters), and Ranger (Long Range). Perks such as being able to reload faster or zoom in when aiming long enough can help support you on your quest, allowing you to customize how you play and approach each encounter.

Once you’re done with the story, arcade mode offers more in the way of replay value, breaking the campaign’s big combat moments up into a series of discrete encounters. Picking from a number of default load outs, its then down to you to tackle each stage in as efficient and as high scoring manner as possible. This is where the game’s combo system really comes into its own. With online leaderboards and a three star ranking system in place the urge to return to topple your last attempt is often a strong one. The final of the three modes takes the duelling portion of the story and stacks it in a “ladder” tournament. Five lives and a series of tougher enemies mean you’ll need to master the skill of drawing faster than your opponent if you any hope of winning.

Gunslinger is a fine looking game. Covered with a beautifully stylised cel shaded coating, the visuals bring the dirty, dusty world of the West to life. The audio too features some great voice work, something that could have easily sunk the experience considering Silas Greaves is constantly narrating as you play.

Ubisoft are really on a roll when it comes to their downloadable affairs this year. With the crazy and fun Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon out not too long ago and now Gunslinger, here’s hoping the publisher continues to offer plenty more of these downloadable adventures in the near future. If you’re looking for a dumb, very fun arcade shooter set in the Wild West then look no further.

Final Summary
The stylish cel-shading visuals bring the West to life.
Great narration throughout an adventure full of cool Western music.
Arcadey shooter sporting an addictive point system that will bring you back for more.
Ubisoft are two for two with downloadable shooters this year. Here’s hoping we see more.

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