• 24, March, 2016

Bro-Down Episode Six - Mario Kart 64 (Part 2)

There have been a number of epic battles over the space of time. David versus Goliath, Sherlock versus Moriarty, Mario versus Sonic. Now The Game Inquirer and Plonkers Inc. are excited to bring you “Bro-Down” a series of videos dedicated to deciding who is the best between Andy and Alex.

Continuing the look at classic Nintendo 64 games, Andy and Alex this week battle it out once more in the multiplayer milestone, Mario Kart 64. Claimed by many as one of the best entries in the series, Mario Kart 64 was the first to let gamers race head to head to head to head in four player action. Who will come out on top this week in round two of Mario Kart 64?