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Binary Domain For PS3 Demo, campaign mode.

25 May Posted by in Previews | 1 comment
Binary Domain For PS3 Demo, campaign mode.

I saw this demo on the PS Network and being a big fan of sci-fi, robots and shooting stuff I had to give it a go.

Binary Domain is a cover/squad based sci fi shooter. The game takes place in Japan after being overrun by mechs. You start out by choosing your comrades who will accompany you throughout the first mission. They seem useful enough, now and then giving a little bit of praise for shooting the waves of mechs.
To be honest I couldn’t be bothered to use the squad commands(unless I was taken down),  the squad seemed fine on their own anyway, but of course when you are in a limited space they do the whole Lemming and line of fire thing.



The physics and the graphics work well for this type of game, being able to shoot the armour and limbs off mechs gives a nice feel of weight to the weaponry. The limited amount of destructible scenery creates a nice path of destruction as your ammo finds its way to your enemies.
I also love the fact that this game has similar cover mechanics to games like Gears of War, Mass effect etc. With the decent enemy AI this helps pace the fire fights nicely rather nicely rather than allowing you to pogo into the action like a demented moron.


The graphical style seems to be a nice hybrid of Terminator and I Robot. Since I am a fan of these films it’s all good.

Overall this seems to be a good solid game, so if you are fan of the cover/squad style sci fi shooter then you can’t go far wrong adding BD to your collection. Good going Sega just please don’t screw up Aliens: Colonial Marines!


At the time of publishing this BD has been out for a while now(tbh I forgot that I wrote this review), it has dropped price so I think next pay day I may grab a copy and do a full review.(it’s under £17 now)

  1. PS3now.net05-28-12

    There’s a whole lot of game here for the price…grab a copy and we look forward to your full review

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