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A-Woo-Hoo Ducktales Remastered Review

06 Sep Posted by + in PC, PlayStation, Reviews, Xbox | Comments

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Sadly the gameplay, while faithful to its origins can feel a little basic at times. Jumping on Scrooge’s cane like a pogo stick, while fun at first soon loses its kick especially considering many of the stages offer a similar goal of simply searching for a collection of items, bashing enemies and smashing aside rocks. Bosses offer a decent challenge however and the environments themselves offer a good amount of variety taking you from jungles and mines to volcanoes and even the moon itself. Sadly the game isn’t overly long and can be finished in around one to two hours. This wouldn’t have been such an issue if the game was more reasonably priced, but at over ten pounds on all systems, you don’t really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Added difficulties and unlockable artwork do extend this playtime somewhat, but it’s nothing that warrants repeated playthroughs.

The music and sound effects are heavily inspired by the original 8-bit soundtrack albeit with a modern twist. Fans should instantly recognise their favourite tunes including the outstanding Moon stage piece and even for a newcomer like myself, I still found the music to be catchy and memorable. Those with more of a hunger for nostalgia will also be happy to know that an “8-bit” mode unlocks after completing the game which replaces all the music and sound effects with the original 8-bit soundtrack. Also thrown in for good measure are pieces of unlockable artwork, concept art and more.

If you’re a fan of Ducktales and played the original game then you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. All the things you remember return with a fresh new look and of course the theme tune itself should bring a smile to any follower’s face. Newcomers on the other hand may find the gameplay a little generic and a cripplingly short campaign really does hurt its overall value when compared with more modern platformers out there. One more for fans of the duck gang it seems.

Final Summary
Great 2D art complimented by some cool 3D backdrops.
Excellent remixed music along with newly added voice acting.
Your run of the mill platformer that’s starting to feel dated.
A short nostalgic trip that will appear to fans but may disappoint newcomers.

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