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3 Reasons Why Sonic Boom Is Both A Good & Bad Thing For The Series

19 Feb Posted by in Features | Comments
3 Reasons Why Sonic Boom Is Both A Good & Bad Thing For The Series

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Good - Big Red Button Includes Ex Naughty Dog Members

Yes while I’ve mentioned Big Red Button have yet to release a game, that isn’t to say their collective CV doesn’t read off rather well especially considering the team was founded by former Naughty Dog employees. This means a team responsible for such great titles as the Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter series and the first Uncharted game with some members even having worked on Ratchet and Clank, another series that bares slight resemblance to what we’ve seen of Sonic Boom so far.

A newly formed team aiming to prove themselves they may be but when it comes to experience you have to believe Sonic might well be in very safe hands. After all would you really complain at a Sonic title with injected elements of Ratchet, Uncharted and Jak?


Good - Sonic Team Are Still Working On Their Own Sonic Title

While it’s easy to focus on all the negatives when it comes to Sonic titles, there are many out there (myself included) who really enjoy his latest adventures. Sonic Colours, Generations and even Lost World are all exciting, fast paced platformers that prove the hedgehog is capable of a good time. So it should come as some relief to fans of Sonic Team’s attempts hearing confirmation that they are indeed working on an entirely new Sonic title separate from Big Red Button’s.

It’s almost like getting the best of both worlds. The continuation of Sonic’s more “traditional” platforming adventures whilst at the same time seeing SEGA experiment with the franchise in the form of Sonic Boom.


Good - A Proper Reboot For The Series

SEGA have been “trying” for years to officially take Sonic back to his roots and appeal to the gamers who yearn for adventures reminiscent of the hedgehog’s Mega Drive days. While attempts have certainly been a mix between fun (Colours, Generations, Rush series) and downright dull (Sonic 2006, Black Knight) it’s always been a case of SEGA trying so desperately to appeal to its fan’s’ cries that it sacrifices any real focus on advancing the series further.

Sonic Boom really marks the first time in a while that SEGA have started from scratch. It’s almost like they’ve said “Right let’s throw out everything we know about the hedgehog, give them to a fresh new development team and see what they can do with him,” you almost have to admire the risk they’re taking here. So far Big Red Button seem to be stepping up the plate well - their ideas certainly ambitious enough; a brand new universe, co-operative play, flying, speed and combat to name but a few.

Sure reboots are not always a sure fire way to bring a franchise back to life, but with recent attempts including SSX, Rayman and XCOM to name a few, I for one am excited to see what comes of this fresh new start.

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